Signature Images

The first round of signature image creation is done. If you edit your profile and fill out the new fields for Personal and Season’s Best you’ll be able to create an image like this:

It’s similar to the make_image, with the notable exception of being able to track Personal and SEASON’S bests! This will also be added to in the future to allow you to link your C2 account and have it report more information about your rowing all in one neat little image.

***UPDATE: There is now a place to enter your Concept2 Ranking ID. Adding that will access the last two columns directly from your C2 Log.***

Click here to view your image.
*Please note you must be logged in to see the image, but the image itself is publicly available.


  1. nice, thanks. needed to keep that link handy to check result and for the signature code:
    maybe something for a FAQ or new member help file, HOWTO for setting up signature.

  2. As soon as I get a little better at manipulating WordPress, I’ll be making it easier to get to, for sure. I just haven’t gotten all the quirks figured out yet.

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