2011 Season Goals

With the new season officially in full-swing. Have you put any thought into what you want to accomplish this year? I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently, and my biggest goal of the [ranking] year is to row 3 million meters. I’m also hoping to improve a handful of my personal best’s.

Here are my full goals:
– 3 million meters (Roughly 58km/wk) <- Working on a good way to track this visually… keep an eye out for that.
– LP: 1:20
– 100m: 16s
– 500m: 1:25
– 1000m: 3:00
– 2000m: 6:30 (Hoping to be competitive at next year’s erg-sprints in Atlanta for the open class)
– 5000m: 17:30
– 6000m: 22:00
– 30min: 8250m
– 10km: 38:00
– 60min: 16000m
– HM: 80:00
– FM: 3:00:00

What are your goals, and how would you like the team/site to help you reach them?

For the overall meters, I am looking to add some more functionality to the sig-image, but would you like to see a season’s goals section on there as well? Just like the current image, if you don’t fill that section in, it won’t show up, but if you’d like to see it, it would.

It would add one more line, would that be too cluttered? Would you like a separate tracking image/page?
**UPDATE: I have updated the profile groups to add the “Goal” group. If you enter this data, it will now show up on the bottom line. If you leave it blank… it won’t show up. That simple.**

I will also be starting a secondary tracker that will show your progress against your Season Meters goal and if you are falling behind your average, or even ahead!


  1. I’ve got goals I’d love to reach, but not sure if its realistic to expect to reach them this season. I like that you’re showing your goals, making you “accountable” and your goals concrete. On the other hand, some of us are just starting and won’t know what to set and others don’t need to be reminded of what goals they want to reach. And if you’re rowing to lose weight, you’re not focusing on improving your times maybe. Still, the sig only shows what you want it to, so I’m ok with it :)

  2. I think that part of what is great about goals is that they can be as big as you want them to be. I’ve set some goals that I think are fairly easily attainable, and others that are going to require a lot more effort.

    As for the extra sig line: Since it will only show if you set goals, I think I will turn it on soon, unless I start getting a lot of negative feedback.

  3. This seasons goals:-

    Same as Charles for overall meters, I think 3 million should be possible as long as I can keep motivated.
    My motivation is where you guys come in. In advance for 30th April 2011 I thank you for your support.

    500m – 1:35
    1000m – 4:00
    2000m – 8:20
    5000m – 20:00
    10000m – 43:00
    15000m – 1:05:00
    HM. – 1:40:00
    FM. – 3:30:00

  4. Stuart – Definitely some good goals there. I’ve activated the “Goal” section of the profile and signature, if you’d like to use it. I will say, though, that there are a couple anomalies in your goals.

    2km in 8:20 is a slower split than 5km in 20:00… I definitely think you’d be able to hit 2km in 8 min flat!
    And a 1:35 500m is CRAZY fast.

    Here’s some VERY basic advice on setting those goals:
    1) Use the C2 Pace Calculator: http://www.concept2.com/us/interactive/calculators/pacecalculator.asp
    2) Pete’s law says that every time you double the distance, you should add ~5s to your split. So if you can sustain 1:35 for 500m, you should be able to sustain ~1:40 for 2km (or a 6:40 total time), conversely, if you can only do an 8 min 2km, then you will probably come in around 1:50 for 500m. Now that can fluctuate a little if you are better at shorter or longer distances.

    Not trying to rain on your parade, I just want to see you succeed! I would hate for you to be disappointed in yourself if you didn’t achieve a goal like that 500m goal. What’s your PB for that distance currently?

  5. that’s solid advice from Charles. There’s some rowing calculators out there that can predict your times, but you’ll find that some distances will suit you better than others.
    http://bit.ly/bLh7q6 is the one from our FreeSpiritRowing friends, based on two PB’s, a short and a long one preferably.
    http://bit.ly/bVUW3u <= this one has a Paul's law table calc at the bottom of the page.

    Also, (my) PB times are set w/ HR in the AT and TR bands with an "empty the tank" AN part at the end so be prepared to endure some physical distress to progress :) .

  6. I’ve had a first attempt at formulating goals for the 2011 season. God help me ;)

  7. We’ll be here to cheer you on! I bet by the end of the year, you pull a Sub-7 2km. :D

  8. Howdy – sorry I haven’t posted much here yet. I’ve been pretty distracted with some..uhh..stuff. LOL. After June I anticipate setting some fresh goals for the season.

    the site looks awesome!

  9. Hey Chuck.If you manage 1k in 3min you should be well under 6:30 for the 2k.
    My 2k is 6:23.6 and my 1k is only 3:03.8.But my 5k is 16:49 and you are only aining for 17:20.I pressume you enjoy the shorter distances mate.

  10. Yeah, I know my goals are a little “off”. My 2km is the more reasonable goal in my opinion, but based on my build and my training, I am really hoping to get my 500m and 1km times WAY down. I’ve never done any real training for those distances.

    I have only raced a 2km once legitimately. (That’s my PB) But, I am in FAR better shape than I was 3 months ago and think I could blow that time away if I gave it a week of hard 2km training.

    How do you train for the short distance stuff? And how to do you pace yourself during the TT?

  11. You could try doing some 500m intervals.6x500m with 2min rest at your race pace.
    Or 10x1min on 1min off just to get used to the lactic burn you will feel in the final 700m of a 2k TT.4x750m with 3.30 rest is always a evil session.

    I normally set off at my intended pace(1:36ish) and try to evenly split it and blast the last 300m.

  12. I’ll give the intervals a try soon. One thing I have to work on is getting my stroke rate up. I tend to sit squarely around 24, even when going “fast”. For my 2km race in Feb I got it up to 30-32 with some training, and I think I can be a lot faster if I can get that worked in to my training.

  13. Having a low stroke rate is a good thing while training in the off season,it proves that your technique is good and the power is good.
    My last 2k TT was done at r29-30.
    The shorter intervals will definately help you up the stroke rate.

  14. I put in my personal best’s. My best 2 years were 2005 and 2007 when all the PR’s are from. 2005-2007 I won the Pittsburgh Indoor Rowing Championship, a CRASH B Qualifer in the Open Mens. My 30 minute meters from 2005 (8955 meters) is an age group world record, heavyweight, 19-29. Completed a few weeks before my 30th birthday. I am focused more on the Season Goals than those PR’s, at least in the short term.

  15. I just started rowing a month ago (after a 20 year break) and now have tried my hand at most of the standard distances (except LP, 100m, 6K, HM and FM) so at least I have a baseline on which to measure improvement.

    current PB – goal

    Season meters (by end of calendar year 2010) = 1M

    500m = 1:34.9 goal = 1:32
    1000m = 3:25.0 goal = 3:20
    2000m = 7:07.4 goal = 6:59.9
    5000m = 18:34.7 goal = 18:15
    30 min = 7919m goal = 8000m
    10000m = 38:55 goal = 38:00
    60 min = 15254m goal = 15500m

    I have a long-distance triathlon background (read lots of aerobic and AT type of training), so i seem to be doing better at the mid to longer distance stuff….i.e. my 10K and 30 min are stronger than my shorter distances. And I tend to fade with the really long stuff….i haven’t developed the rowing specific endurance yet.

    My take on it is that I need to add in some power, interval-type work to boost my power and also some longer endurance sessions to build up my muscular endurance for the longer sets.

  16. Hi JP,
    Great goals, I’d be very pleased with any one of those. And you’re doing very well so far. If you add the 6K and the FM to your repertoire you might want to check out nonathlon for fun and motivation. http://c2tweetcrew.com/groups/c2-tweet-crew/forum/topic/nonathlon/

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